The Most Recognizable Symbols in Slot Machines.

Slot games stand out as some of the most widely played and cherished casino entertainments throughout history. The symbols showcased in these games have significantly contributed to the rapid expansion and immense popularity of online slots, offering players a sense of ease and familiarity as they spin the reels of the latest and most thrilling games.

What are the symbols on a slot machine that render the gameplay so captivating? How have these iconic symbols attained global recognition? The following slot symbols have each played a vital role in the triumph of online slot machines. Delve into the evolution of these symbols, from traditional slot bars and bells to fruit-flavored gum, and uncover why they have emerged as such universally recognized symbols of luck, excitement, and potential wealth.

The 777 Symbol

The number seven has been associated with luck across various cultures worldwide since ancient times. Depending on the perspective, the link between sevens and good fortune can be attributed to superstitions, mathematical significance, or a plethora of other influences, ranging from ancient texts to myths and folklore.

Whether it’s the seven wonders of the world, seven days of the week, or the concept of the seventh son of the seventh son, the number holds considerable significance for many people, including Charles Fey. When Fey, a mechanic from San Francisco, invented the first slot machine (the Liberty Bell) in 1885, incorporating the 777 symbol into the reels felt like a natural choice. In retrospect, it was a wise decision, as Fey’s invention quickly became a favorite among casino enthusiasts.

The 777 symbol remained prominent throughout the evolution of slot machines, from traditional one-armed bandits to modern online casino games. As technology continues to advance, the enduring popularity of the 777 symbol serves as a reminder of the enduring connection between games of chance and symbols of luck.

The Bar Symbol

In the 19th century, some of the earliest slot machines featured the bar symbol. In 1907, the Bell-Fruit Gum Company introduced slot machines that dispensed chewing gum as prizes instead of cash, effectively bypassing anti-gambling laws in several states.

Representing a stick of gum, landing three bar symbols rewarded players with a pack of gum. As gambling laws evolved and cash prizes became more acceptable, the bar symbol persisted as a recognizable element on slot reels, undergoing various changes in form and design over time.

This symbol stands as a testament to the innovative solutions devised by the casino industry to address legal challenges that could have otherwise halted the progress of slot machines. So, the next time you achieve a winning combination of bar symbols, consider the significant role fruit-flavored gum played in fostering the innovative spirit that has propelled the casino industry forward.


From jackpot slots to blackjack tables, Cleopatra is a prominent figure in various casino games. While many games revolve around the broader theme of Ancient Egypt and its mythical characters, the most renowned queen of the Nile remains a central focus.

As the original femme fatale, Cleopatra’s fascinating life story has served as inspiration for numerous movies, books, and artworks. Her enduring appeal continues to captivate audiences globally, solidifying her reputation as an enduring symbol of allure and sophistication.


Have you ever pondered the origin of the term “fruit machines” for slots? The cherry symbol is a key factor, having been a common slot symbol since the era of fruit-flavored gum in the Bell-Fruit Gum Company’s machines.

From regular pay symbols to wilds and scatters, cherries draw players’ attention with their unique shape and vibrant color. They evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia, highlighting the enduring nature of the casino industry.

Wheel of Fortune

“The Wheel of Fortune” is a renowned television game show with broad appeal, boasting nearly 50 years of consistently high viewership numbers. Its emphasis on luck and substantial prizes aligns perfectly with the theme of slot machines, and the spinning wheel mechanic seamlessly integrates into various slot bonus features.

When engaging in online slot games for real money, each reel spin is a thrilling moment filled with anticipation. “Wheel of Fortune” mirrors this excitement with its unpredictable outcomes, captivating both participants and viewers as they eagerly await the final results.

While some slot games may not directly adopt the show’s theme, they often incorporate wheel mechanics that owe their popularity to the significant influence of “Wheel of Fortune.” By amalgamating iconic elements from the TV show with slot gameplay, developers capitalize on the nostalgia and thrill that have made the show a household name, resulting in an immensely immersive gaming experience.