The Most Exciting Live Casino Games to Play in 2021

Live casino games are slowly, but steadily rendering automated tables and card games obsolete. That’s going to happen slowly, and computer games will always be available for a long time to come. But there is no distinction between the two, and live dealer games are going to win.

“Though they’ve been around for a while, live dealer games have reached a golden era in the last few years.”

The convergence of easy online connections, superior video streaming technologies, and years of hard work and commitment to develop the industry has converged to produce a new generation of thrilling, interesting and potentially highly lucrative live dealer games.

This is my list of the best live casino games that you can play online right now.

Mega Ball – Live Dealer Keno
Until 2020, there wasn’t a single live keno game dealer online. Yes, there were a handful of lottery and bingo games hosted by live dealers, but there was nothing on the same stage as Super Ball.

Mega Ball takes place in an eye-catching turquoise and gold studio with welcoming hosts.

Here’s a quick rundown of the game highlights:

  • It’s a 51-Ball live keno game. The dealer can draw a limit of 20 darts.
  • You can purchase up to 200 cards per draw. They will immediately rearrange themselves on the computer when you match numbers and create winning trends.
  • The top payout in live Mega Ball is 1,000,000x.
  • If you catch the last ball, it will have a multiplier of between 5x and 100x.
  • If you’re fortunate, a second Super Ball might be triggered. If you do, you will win a second multiplier.

You’re going to find that this isn’t purely keno. Most of the keno games have 80 bats. But it operates the same way, and I’m able to describe Mega Ball as a live casino keno. You really want to play this game because it was the first of its kind.

Crazy Time – Bonus Rounds Galore
Early in 2020, Evolution vowed to release its “most fun game yet.” It delivered that and then some when Crazy Time was released in July of that year. Crazy Time is a cash wheel game with four exclusive bonus features.

These are the main things that you need to understand about Crazy Time before you play:

  • This game is hosted in a lively, vibrant studio with competent and welcoming hosts.
  • In the main game of Mad Time, you can bet on four positions: 1, 2, 5 or 10. If the pointer of the wheel lands on these segments, you’ll win the multiplier.
  • There are, however, four bonus features as well. You can even bet on these, and if the pointer lands on them, you’ll bet on the element.
  • You’ll bet on a coin toss in the Flip-o-Matic feature. You’ll win a multiplier connected to either Red or Blue, based on how the coin flip turned out to be.
  • 108 separate multiplier values will be concealed behind icons and shuffled on the screen in the Cash Hunt feature. Then you’ll fire one of the multipliers on the projector.
  • There’s a live bonus round for Pachinko in Mad Time, too. You can win multipliers of up to 10,000x your bet in this feature.
  • So there’s a feature of Mad Time. It’s the main case. It’s the second bonus wheel in a separate studio. You can win up to 20,000x if you’re lucky in the Mad Time feature.

Live Casino Craps
Evolution is the biggest innovator in live casino games, and so it’s no wonder that it was the first to hit live dealer craps. Like me, you might wonder how you can run such a complex game in a live casino setting. I was happily shocked by how easy Evolution had made it.

Here the main things you need to know about Live Craps by Evolution:

  • This game is set in an underground red-brick studio styled Chicago in the prohibition era.
  • Each roll takes about 30 seconds from when the betting window opens when the mechanical shooter rolls the dice. This is a fast-paced game.
  • You may put a single roll and a multi-roll bet. The former are fixed in a single roll, while the latter can require several rolls to settle.
  • This live craps game has some fun extra features, too. For eg, an in-game tutorial is available to show you craps, and you can turn the game to easy mode if you want to keep it basic.
  • In the meantime, there is also a complex statistics monitor. This will encourage you to see if other players are betting. There are two columns available: Top Numbers and Common Bets.

Live Deal or No Deal
Have you ever watched Deal or No Deal on TV, dreaming about being a contestant?

Well, you may never be on the show, but you can play Deal or No Deal for real money online any time you feel like it. Evolution introduced this game to a lot of fans in 2019, and it’s been one of the top-rated live casino games ever since.

Before playing live Deal or No Deal, there are a few things to know:

  • This is a fast-paced game set up in a futuristic studio. As a consequence, there’s not much time to connect with a live dealer. It’s a really nice game show setting.
  • There are three steps to an online Deal or No Deal game. First, you’re going to play in the qualifying round, then you’re going to have the chance to pack your briefcases with cash, and finally, you’re going to play the main game.
  • In the qualification round, you’re going to rotate the plates on the vault door in an effort to match them. If you excel, you will reach the next level. Remember that your success at this point is not assured.
  • When you clear the qualification round, you’ll get a chance to put extra cash in your briefcases. The more you cram them into, the better the rewards will be when you go to the main game.
  • Finally, you’re going to play Deal or No Deal live. Just like in the game show, you’re going to delete one-by-one briefcases, and the banker’s going to call to have you bid at different stages of the game.
  • At the end of the day, if only two briefcases remain, the banker will make you a final bid. It’s up to you whether or not you gamble it or go to the contract.

Lightning Roulette
You’ve been able to play live dealer roulette online for years, but as live gaming has progressed, companies like Evolution and Playtech have launched some unique models.

“Lightning Roulette is one of those variants.”

This live roulette game gives you the chance to win big multipliers connected to lucky numbers.

Here are some important facts about the game:

  • It’s set in a futuristic game studio with a few HD cameras and a nice live dealer. You’re playing a game on the European Roulette Wheel.
  • You can make all the usual roulette bets, but it’s best to make straight bets in this game.
  • When the betting window closes, up to five numbers will be randomly selected by a RNG, and multipliers will be linked to them. They could be worth up to 500x.
  • However, the traditional straight bets pay 30:1 to cover for the costs of these multipliers. Usually, they would have paid 35:1.

Selecting the Best Live Casino to Play At
Now that you’re aware of the top live casino games to be played in 2021 and beyond, it’s time to select a casino to play at.

Here are a few tips regarding what to look for:

  • Make sure that the casino accepts players from your country. American players will compete at El Royale Casino, for example, whereas British and European players are best off at Betway.
  • Check out the list of live games. Can a live dealer casino sell unique games that you’re interested in playing?
  • What are the betting caps for live dealer tables? Will they fit the boundaries of your betting? The best live casinos are going to appeal to all bankrolls.
  • Can the casino offer fast payouts by payment options that you’re able to use? For example, in some live casinos, you can use PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, or even Bitcoin to make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Check if the casino is selling a live casino incentive. Some of them offer welcome discounts, but some of them ban live casino games on terms and conditions.