How Casinos Make You Stay Longer and Keep You Playing

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1. Advertisements, Commercial Campaigns and Activities

Like any company, casinos also run a variety of marketing campaigns to draw as many potential customers as possible. We use a range of promotional strategies – posters, wallpapers, banners, TV and internet advertisements. You’ll most definitely see happy and excited people telling you how fun it is to play casino games and what wonderful prizes you might earn. It would make many people excited to try their luck, showing them that winning is very possible at a gaming center.

Jackpot and Prizes Winning Announcements

It is a very popular method and one of the most effective casino tricks to keep you playing. Occasionally, when you’re playing at the casino, you’re very likely to hear and see a sign that someone won a major prize at the casino. The happy event is shown on the large screens of the casino so that everybody can see it. It is part of the philosophy of the casino. The aim is to make people believe like they’re as close to winning a great jackpot as the individual has revealed.

At this point, people are more excited to believe that they might be winners than to worry about whether or not this is real. You think of the people who won anyway. And boasting these great winnings on behalf of the casino, makes customers feel like they’re in the right place, while keeping them playing with the promise that they’ll soon hit the right time, too. Casinos also run campaigns to advertise the latest deals and hot offers to players.

Things that Grab Your Innitial Attention

Those who visited the casino noted the bright colors and the flashing lights. In addition, most casinos attract stunning waitresses who will always be sweet and friendly. All these things are cleverly thought out with the intention of helping customers have a good casino experience. Offering a nice atmosphere will make you more relaxed and you’re more likely to keep relaxing, which means playing.

Attractive Casino Interior Design Solutions

2. Free Offers and Gifts

Many casinos also offer free gifts. It is part of the psychology of casinos that makes people believe they’re in the spotlight. Getting free stuff would make players happy – they know that they will inevitably lose some money, but at the same time they’ll be pleased to get at least something free of charge from the casino. It also makes them feel different, treated with respect. It is also a tactic that would make them believe that they would somehow have some advantage when playing – for example, extra chips or some free game round vouchers.

Coupons and Vouchers

Coupons and coupons are typically part of a casino marketing plan. A lot of gaming rooms are hosting events where you can get a different kind of voucher that gives you free things. You will either get a discount voucher when you buy chips or you can get free game round coupons for the week’s promotional play. Such promotions typically take place on a weekly or monthly basis and the main aim is to attract more players for a certain period of time.

Free Drinks

Mabe is one of the popular casino psychology tricks to deliver free drinks. In order to be able to spend a good time, most players are still happy to have a couple or more drinks while playing. And why don’t they be provided for free by the casino? What better way than to get some free beer. When they pour their money on the slot machines, people would be able to get at least some free drinks. There are also players who frequent casinos with the intention of taking advantage of this when attempting to play with low stakes.

3. Special Interior Design

Casino interior design is an significant part of the overall impression that the gaming room can give to customers. And it’s as powerful as the other little tricks you’ve used to hold your focus on. First of all, everything in the casino has a special location. The various parts are wisely planned and placed. The explanation for this is to make you stay at the casino longer. The gaming floors are also built like a maze to make it more difficult for you to get out of it. Yeah, you’re going to walk around the best slot machines and top roulette games, and you’re more likely to want to try your luck one more time.

No Clocks and Windows at the Casinos

The shortage of clocks is one of the hidden casino tricks. Have you found that there are no clocks in the casinos? And this is very fair. The casino doesn’t want to tell you when it’s going to be. Alternatively, it needs you to feel like you’re having a nice time here, so you can linger longer when you’re playing your favorite games. There are no windows for this purpose, either. It’s not important what part of the day or night you’re out there for as long as you have a good time. Casinos are going to do everything to get rid of those things that hinder you from playing.

Impressive Carpets

Believe it or not, the rugs at the casinos are still very spectacular for a special reason. In reality, they are specifically crafted and carefully selected to influence your visual perception. This has an effect on you on the subconscious level. Bright and colorful carpets will keep your mind occupied and fresh. And along with the other shiny elements, you’ll be kept awake in the late hours.


One of the best casino tricks is to use higher levels of oxygen. This is also going to help keep you healthy and alert. When you feel tired, you may want to stop playing because you lose your concentration. But if you are wide awake and breathing in your lungs, the hormones of pleasure will surge into your neurons. In all honesty, we’re joking! Having high oxygen levels in a environment where hundreds of people smoke is not the safest thing to do, and because we don’t hear about the explosion every week, we’re confident enough to declare that it’s just a theory.

Keeping Your Attention at The Casno Games

During the moment you reach a casino, your attention will be drawn directly to casino games. That is why the slot machines and the other most popular games are situated at the main and most popular spot, and the bar, cashier or toilet is situated at the bottom. When you’re walking from one location to another at the casino, you’re always going to be tempted by blinking gambling machines that give you the best chances.

Flashing and Colourful Casino Slot Machines

4. Personnel Service

Whether casino workers handle guests is also quite critical. Of course, the stunning and friendly waitresses are going to make you feel better. Nonetheless, you may have found that sometimes it takes an exceptionally long time to get served at a casino. This is for a reason, too. The longer people spend at the casino, the bigger they win. So, be sure that casino stuff is slow, not because they’re overly busy, but because they’re going to make you wait a little longer.

Final Words

All the interesting things that we listed in the paragraphs above are part of the different casino tricks that keep you playing. They’re meant to draw your attention and make you feel comfortable at the casino. While casinos in the United Kingdom, for example, are licensed and strictly controlled by gambling regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission, they can still use all these various methods and tricks that will allow them to retain the interest of players.