9 Tricks You Can Use to Guard Against Crooks in the Casino

Casinos are a fantastic way to unwind after a long day at work. Guests can play their favorite casino games while also taking use of luxurious amenities that will both entertain and relax them.

“Regrettably, not everyone who walks into a casino does so with the finest of intentions. While you may be hoping to win a few games and walk away with some cash, fraudsters are waiting for a chance at a sure thing.”

Thousands of individuals are duped every year in and around casinos. That is not a criticism of the casino. However, criminals will be found wherever there are large gatherings of people and a lot of money.

The casinos take extraordinary precautions to preserve their investment, but this may not always be to your advantage. As a result, if you are at or around a casino, you must always be aware of your personal security.

Here are nine tricks you can use to guard against crooks in the casino.

1. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings
Being alert of your surroundings will go a long way toward preventing the attacks of any nearby thieves. Casinos are designed to be distracting; it’s all part of the fun. However, staying focused on the duties at hand is just as important for your security as it is for your pocketbook.

“Keeping safe in any scenario starts with you.”

Don’t become so engrossed in any single hobby that you become an easy target. Thieves desire a seamless grip and the freedom to flee fast; the last thing they want is to be confronted.

“Even if you have no idea how to recognize a criminal or defend yourself, simply being aware of the situation will dissuade many criminals. When I walk around and observe most people with their noses buried in their phones while the world goes on around them, it makes me sad.”

It’s natural to want to stay connected, but wait until you’re back in your room to check social media. Keep an eye on your surroundings to prevent robbers from moving on to easier prey.

2. Don’t Brag About Big Wins
Winning large sums of money in a casino can attract the attention of unscrupulous individuals. Some gamers find it difficult to contain their good fortune.

“Players are so used to losing that they want to shout it from the rooftops when they win.”

That will only increase the amount of people looking at you, and not all of them will be admiring.

You may win a large jackpot, putting you in the limelight at the casino. There’s not much you can do about that, but you should always collect your wins by wire transfer if it’s an option.

Keep your winnings to yourself, and you’ll be less likely to be targeted by casino crooks.

3. Keep Your Wallet in Your Front Pocket
Pickpockets are a real threat whether you’re inside or near a busy casino. Crooks require victims, and casinos give a plethora of targets in which to practice their trade.

“By removing the thieves’ opportunity, you can halt them dead in their tracks. By displaying your valuables in front of you, you can limit the chances for burglars.”

It may seem bad, but a lot of self-defense boils down to appearing to be a more troublesome target than the next man.

“Criminals don’t want to make things any more difficult than they have to be.”

While in the casino, keep your wallet in your front pocket or drape your purse in front of you. It’s considerably more difficult for burglars to steal right in front of your eyes.

It’s considerably easier if you have your wallet in your back pocket or bag hanging behind you. Keep your valuables within your sight to avoid enabling the evil guys to strike.

4. Don’t Get Bamboozled by the Booze
In a casino, alcohol seldom leads to anything positive. Sure, having a glass or two while playing your favorite game is relaxing.

The line may be crossed very rapidly, and terrible judgments are frequently made as a result. You enhance your chances of becoming a victim when you add alcohol to all the other distractions at the casino.

Alcohol is involved in many of the crimes that occur at casinos. For many of you, this will come as no surprise.

“What may surprise you is how quickly you may get a reputation depending on your table conduct. You’ll appear like a sheep to the wolves prowling on the sidelines if you wobble away from the tables after a few too many alcoholic beverages.”

Keep your alcohol intake to a bare minimum. When you return to the room, celebrate with a few drinks, leaving no room for the crooks to strike.

5. Leave the High-End Jewelry at Home

Few things would alert the crooks to your presence like flashing your pricey jewelry when it comes to seeming like a target.

There will be an aspect that wants to take your favorite belongings away from you. Wearing your most costly jewelry or watch can also convey the impression that you have money. I’m sure the thieves would rather earn one big score than a bunch of tiny ones.

Don’t expect your fake jewelry to help you in this situation. Thieves in casinos are more likely to target your pocketbook than your counterfeit Rolex.

They only see a Rolex and believe you have a large pocketbook. You may dress yourself to seem like a high roller all you want, but you must remain vigilant when gaming.

I don’t expect you to dress to the nines and feel your best all of the time; all I ask is that you retain a higher level of awareness when you do.

6. Stay Vigilant Everywhere on the Property
The casinos do an incredible job of keeping customers secure by monitoring every square inch of the facility. Make no mistake, however, that their first goal is to safeguard their investment.

Casinos, indeed, go to considerable measures to prevent illegal activities on their premises. If you are the victim of a robbery, the casino will do everything possible to assist you.

Even yet, if a casino thief steals your wallet, there’s a slim chance it’ll be recovered. That’s why it’s so important to be cautious in and around tourist hotspots like casinos.

The same can be said about police officers, who go to work every day to serve and protect the public. However, unless a police officer happens to observe the crime in progress, they have no way of stopping it.

When you’re not resting peacefully in your room, you should be on the lookout for strange activities. This applies to the parking lot, restrooms, tourist attractions, and any other location where you could be on a casino vacation.

7. Trust Your Intuition
I usually urge my sister to trust her “Spidey Senses” and to leave if anything doesn’t feel right. Most people have a natural sense about other people; whether or not they pay attention to it is a gamble.

I’d much rather assume that everyone is concerned about my family’s well-being and best interests. But the fact is that many people don’t, which has made me cynical about strangers. It’s a “prove everything else first” strategy.

“Listen to it, and you can get a sense of peoples’ intentions.”

If you ignore that small voice in your brain, you may become a victim of a casino con artist.

8. Don’t Look Like Prey

The same DNA that keeps many of us from becoming prey also encourages others to pursue prey.

“I believe nurture triumphs over nature, but in the case of on-the-run casino criminals, they want to locate the sheep.”

I’m not recommending that you try to dress like a wolf; it would be tiresome.

Thieves, on the other hand, are aware of those who should not be judged just on the basis of their appearance. These folks are aware of their surroundings and would look you in the eyes rather than looking at their phones.

Stop appearing like a target for crooks, and you’ll probably never have any problems.

9. Travel With a Team
There’s a reason wolves roam in packs; there’s power in numbers. It’s a compelling argument to follow suit.

“The fraudsters are drawn to the casino regions due of the large number of possible victims. It’s like sharks chasing a school of fish; one or two get taken off, but the rest of the school keeps moving.”

For a trouble-free casino trip, surround oneself with companions who are aware of the risks in and around the casino.

The nine strategies you might employ to protect yourself against fraudsters at the casino may come out as paranoid. However, being hyper-vigilant is not the same as being paranoid.

“You can also use these tips anytime you’re on vacation or away from your normal comfort zone.”

In many circumstances, simply being aware of your surroundings is sufficient to deter would-be crooks, or you may completely eliminate the risk by playing at online casinos.