7 Proven Slots Strategies Beginning Gamblers Can Use

Most new players don’t have any trouble starting to play slots. Slot machines are designed to be easy to use. You put some money in it and hit a button. Then, you’re waiting to see if you’re lucky.

But there are a few things that the starting slot players should know about. These things will help you play slots for as long as you can and put you in a position where you can get lucky.

“Here is a list of seven proven slot machine strategies that new players can use. It’s still going to be a challenge to win, but with these strategies, you have a better chance of winning.”

1. Stick With Simple Slots at First
I’m old enough to remember when the 25-payline slot machine was a big news story. Now, there are slot games with hundreds of paylines and all sorts of special features, bonus games, and games inside the games. Some of the newer slots are so complicated that it’s hard to follow what’s going on.

Nothing is wrong with newer slot machines with all sorts of bells and whistles. But as a starting slots player, I recommend starting with something simple. It may be difficult to find older and simpler slot machines in some casinos, but this is where you should start.

“Find an old fashioned three-reel slot machine that has a simple pay table. A machine with nine paylines or less is a good machine. Take the time to study the paylines so that you can track what’s happening on every spin.”

This isn’t going to help you win. But it helps you understand how slot games work. Take your time between spins when you start playing slots. Make sure you understand why you won or didn’t win every spin.

After you get comfortable playing a simple slot machine, you can start playing newer machines with more features if that’s what you like.

2. Jackpot Slots
Once you learn how slots work, the next strategy is to find machines with a good jackpot. Some machines have multiple jackpots at their disposal. And some machines are called progressive jackpots.

A progressive jackpot starts at the set amount and goes up every spin. The machine takes a small percentage of each bet made on the machine and adds it to the progressive jackpot number. Some progressive jackpot numbers are going up over $1,000,000.

“Slots games are designed to take your money, and if you play them long enough, you will lose. That’s why I always recommend that you play slot games with a jackpot that’s big enough to change your life.”

This can be either a jackpot or a progressive jackpot. You’re going to have to get lucky to win a big jackpot, but if you don’t play a jackpot machine, you can’t ever win a big jackpot.

The only way out to play slots is to get lucky and win a big jackpot. That’s why I’m only playing slot machines that have a jackpot of $50,000 or more. You can decide how big a jackpot must be before you play a machine, but the bigger, the better.

3. Don’t Wager Too Much
Slots games are being built using a computer program. This program determines how much the game keeps as profit and how much it gives back to players. The amount returned to the players is called a return to the player, and it’s a percentage.

“The return to player numbers for slot machines ranges from around 85 percent to 97 percent. This is a large spread of possible returns, but the important thing to understand is that none of these numbers is 100 per cent. A 100% return is what you need to break.”

This shows why you’re probably going to lose yourself when you play slots. This also means that you need to bet a smaller amount if you want to lose less.

You’ve got two ways you can bet less:

-The first way is to play slot machines with smaller wager sizes. If you can bet.25 or.50 a spin, you’ll save money compared to betting $1 to $3 a spin.
-The second way you can reduce your risk and losses is to play slower. If you take more time between spins, you risk less overall. And that reduces how much you lose in the long run.

4. The Slots Club
Land-based casinos, and some mobile and online casinos, have some kind of gambling club rewards. Some casinos call these slot clubs, and others call them reward programs or some other special name.

Basically, all these clubs work the same thing. You get membership, and the casino tracks how much you’re playing. The casino gives you back a percentage of how much you’re playing.

What you get back depends on how the club works and how much you’re playing. Sometimes you can get cash back or a bonus, but you can also earn entries for special draws or tournaments, or you can earn commas like free food, travel, or merchandise.

It doesn’t cost you anything to join the rewards club, so there’s really no downside. That’s why you should always look for a slot club and sign up when you can.

You may not get a huge return from the program, but anything you do earn helps to compensate for any losses you may have from playing slots.

5. Mobile and Online Slots Bonuses
The best way to get a bigger bankroll when you’re playing slots is to get a bonus. Mobile and online casinos offer bonuses to slot players.

“These bonuses come in a number of different varieties and sizes, but the most common bonuses match your deposit. A 100% mobile or online casino bonus doubles your bankroll. All of these mobile and online slot bonuses have the conditions for what you need to do before you cash out. Before you play, you need to read these conditions.”

6. Play Slots Tournaments
Slot machine tournaments aren’t widely available, but when you’re running through a tournament, you should consider entering. A slot machine tournament charges an entry fee, and you’re playing on a designated machine for a set amount of time.

The players who score the highest win cash. Sometimes everyone plays a single round, and in some of the tournaments, the top scorers move to the next round.

“Here’s why slots tournaments are something you need to consider playing.”

You get to play a guaranteed number of spins or amount of time for a fixed fee. And just as if you’re playing slots outside the tournament environment, you can get lucky and win.
It’s challenging to win overall as a slot player, so most players are stuck trying to play as long as they can on a limited bankroll. With a limited bankroll, a slots tournament gives you the chance to maximize your playing time.

7. Older Can Be Better Than New
I covered this a little bit in the opening section, but many slot players believe that new slot machines need to be better than older machines. But just because the machine has more features, it doesn’t mean it’s a better game.

“You’re going to decide what kind of slot games you like to play. Maybe you like the best of the newest and most flashy machines. But there’s nothing wrong with finding an older machine that you love to play with and stick to.”

Try as many different types of slot machines as you can to see which ones you enjoy and which ones you don’t care about. Don’t make the mistake of believing that the newer is better off. Choose what you like best, no matter what anyone else does.

Slot machines don’t have to be complicated by this. While there’s nothing wrong with new slots that have hundreds of paylines, special features, and gameplay, sometimes sticking to an old, simple machine is the best strategy.

Playing a slots game that doesn’t have a big jackpot, whether it’s static or progressive, should be low on your list of priorities. If you’re going to play, you might as well take a shot at a big prize.

The slots club, mobile and online bonuses, and slot tournaments are all ways to make your slots bankroll last longer. Take advantage of as many of these things as you can when you play slots.